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Taped On Location: Recent Seminar at Center for Advanced Learning & Medical Simulation (CAMLS) in Tampa

Guest panelists in video:

  • Jessica Bellman, Director of Development, Optimal Outcomes

  • Adrian Hagerty, Regional Vice President, ARRAY Architects

Repurposing space for medical use is becoming a significant trend. More and more healthcare facilities are moving physical therapy and other out-patient services away from the main hospital; frequently, this involves repurposing existing buildings.

In this six-minute streaming video excerpt, real estate and architecture experts discuss the role of repurposing retail spaces for healthcare roles. A basic retail box can work as a healthcare space, say the panelists, about 50% of the time, depending on the new purpose. A pediatrician's office, for instance, has fewer unique needs than, say, a cervical care facility. Speakers also pointed out the importance, and challenge, of repurposing retail parking for healthcare facilities.

Another important issue discussed is the need to simplify the situation for patients. It is often helpful, speakersí note, to co-locate specialties into a "one-stop shopping" experience.