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Summit Locations
  FOR 2019  

South Florida - 06 March

Chicago - 25 April
Washington DC - 30 May
Dallas - 19 June
New York - 25 September

Minneapolis - 09 October

Houston - 11 December

  FOR 2020  
  San Francisco, February 13th
Tampa/Orlando, April 1st
Boston, April 28th
Dallas, 2nd Quarter
Seattle, 2nd Quarter
New York, October 6th
Columbus, OH, 3rd Quarter
Minneapolis, 3rd Quarter
Houston, 4th Quarter
  FOR 2021  
  California, 1st Quarter
Phoenix, 1st Quarter
Atlanta, 2nd Quarter
Chicago, 2nd Quarter
Philadelphia, 2nd Quarter

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  Glenn Fischer, 971-219-0563, gfischer@squarefootage.net  
  Jack Curley, 201-805-9529, jcreade@optonline.net  
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Summit Recaps

  Upper Midwest 2019  
  New York City 2019  
  Dallas 2019   
  Washington DC 2019  
Chicago 2019
South Florida 2019
San Francisco 2018
Minneapolis 2018
New York 2018
Northern Texas 2018
Philadelphia 2018
Cleveland 2018
Orlando 2018
Charlotte 2018
  Houston 2017  
  Chicago 2017  
  North Texas 2017  
  St. Louis 2017  
  New York 2017  
  Los Angeles 2017  

This series of one-day educational events provide the perfect opportunity to shape decisions made by healthcare providers, and those that design, build, own, lease, sell, and finance healthcare facilities.

Increasing government regulations and higher acuity levels are making many healthcare facilities obsolete. Becoming more and more popular is offering healthcare in an off-campus outpatient setting. The new economics of healthcare is resulting in a wave of mergers, acquisitions, and closures.

The Summits will provide insights into these powerful trends:

  • The push to get healthcare services closer to patients is driving the demand for convenience clinics, integrated outpatient clinics, imaging centers, laboratories, ambulatory surgical centers, and palliative care facilities. However, aging acute care hospitals still need to be maintained and upgraded

  • Increasing government regulations and higher acuity levels in all levels of healthcare facilities are making many existing healthcare facilities functionally obsolete, and new ones more complex

  • Decreasing reimbursement rates are forcing healthcare organizations to find new ways to contain the cost of designing, building, operating, and funding healthcare facilities

  • The new economics of healthcare is creating a wave of mergers, acquisitions, and closures. As a result some real estate assets need to be repositioned, others are redundant, and some will require creative solutions to unlock their hidden value

  Target Audience:

These Summits address the key influencers and decision makers:


Health Systems (whether owner, operator, or tenant): Facilities professionals, plant operations managers, compliance/regulatory officers, supply chain managers, project managers, strategic planners, in-house architects


Design-Build: Architects, designers, engineers, and contractors


Real Estate: Developers, investors, REITs, real estate brokers, accountants, lawyers, consultants, and valuation specialists

  Presented By:
  The educational team at the Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute is committed to delivering high quality educational events in local venues throughout North America.