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Healthcare Industry Trends


Watch seasoned healthcare leaders share their insights in a new video:

Creating Medical Buildings That Exceed Patient Expectations

A Timely Guide


Understanding Regulatory Issues in Leasing Medical Office Buildings & Healthcare Facilities




This handy 70+ page guide gives clarity to a myriad of regulations... $31.95


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Recent Event Highlights


Recaps of sessions at 2017 Regional Summits co-hosted by SquareFootage and Healthcare Institute of IFMA:

  North Texas  
  St. Louis  
  New York  
  Los Angeles  

Seminar News


Streaming Video from recent Tampa seminar:

Repurposing Retail Space for Health Use


Survey Results


Research on Future of Medical Facilities featuring interviews with CEOs, FMs, CMOs and financial analysts:

Health Care Institute of IFMA’s Leaders Survey


Noteworthy Articles

  The Critical Case for Understanding Your Medical Office Lease  
  Healthcare Leader Predictions compiled by IFMA Health Care Institute  
  Shootout: LEDs vs. Fluorescents  

Model Green Lease


The Model Green Lease


A lease template created by a group of savvy, commercial real estate professionals. This document brings the green building movement to the economic center of commercial real estate – the lease agreement between landlord and tenant.

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