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SUMMIT Locations

  Charlotte 07 Mar  
  Orlando/Tampa 06 April  
  Cleveland 12 April  
  Philadelphia 20 June  
  Northern Texas 21 June  
  New York 17 Sept  
  Minneapolis 10 Oct  
  San Francisco 14 Dec  

Recent Event Highlights


Recaps of sessions at Regional Summits co-hosted by HCI (Health Care Institute of IFMA) and SquareFootage:

  Minneapolis 2018  
  New York 2018  
  Northern Texas 2018  
  Philadelphia 2018  
  Cleveland 2018  
  Orlando 2018  
  Charlotte 2018  
  Houston 2017  
  Chicago 2017  
  North Texas 2017  
  St. Louis 2017  
  New York 2017  
  Los Angeles 2017  

Healthcare Industry Trends


Watch seasoned healthcare leaders share their insights in a new video:

Creating Medical Buildings That Exceed Patient Expectations

A Timely Guide


Understanding Regulatory Issues in Leasing Medical Office Buildings & Healthcare Facilities




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Seminar News


Streaming Video from our Tampa seminar:

Repurposing Retail Space for Health Use


Survey Results


Research on Future of Medical Facilities featuring interviews with CEOs, FMs, CMOs and financial analysts:

Health Care Institute of IFMA’s Leaders Survey


Noteworthy Articles

  The Critical Case for Understanding Your Medical Office Lease  
  Healthcare Leader Predictions compiled by IFMA Health Care Institute  
  Shootout: LEDs vs. Fluorescents  

Model Green Lease


The Model Green Lease


A lease template created by a group of savvy, commercial real estate professionals. This document brings the green building movement to the economic center of commercial real estate – the lease agreement between landlord and tenant.

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