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Understanding Regulatory Issues in Leasing Medical Office Buildings & Healthcare Facilities



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Streaming Video: “Repurposing Retail Space for Health Use” from recent Tampa seminar learn more


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  1. Healthcare Facility Benchmarking: How to Get Started learn more  

2. The New Economics of Healthcare learn more



  Complimentary Downloads  

Our healthcare podcast series is brief, to the point, and jam packed with tips that work.

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Survey Results

  Latest Research on Future of Medical Facilities featuring interviews with CEOs, FMs, CMOs and financial analysts: IFMA Healthcare Institute’s Leaders Survey  

Our sustainable trends survey results from 2010-2011 seminar series: Economics, Efficiency, Energy & Environment-the 4 Es


New Downloads

  Today's Top 10 Budget Tips for FMs  
  How FMs Benefit Patients from IFMA Healthcare Institute  
  Healthcare Leader Predictions compiled by IFMA Health Care Institute  
  Shootout: LEDs vs Fluorescents  

Steps for Hospital CFOs to Reduce Energy Costs

  Dead Cat Bounce - Part Two from Office Insight: The Decline in the Demand for Office Space; Good News for Designers?  

Dead Cat Bounce - Part One from Office Insight: The 5 office building trends to watch


The McMorrow Healthcare Facilities Management Report


Model Green Lease


The Model Green Lease

      Seminars and Learning Tools for 2014
  Finding Design, Construction, Operations and Financial Solutions that Work During a Time of Change Details and Locations
  Finance 101 for Today's Facility and Property Manager
  Attendees Talk about the Finance 101 CourseGet the Confidence and Tools You Need to Overcome the Fear of Finance - Watch what Attendees Say about This Course ------------> 
See the Syllabus, Details and Locations

Everything You Need to Know About LED Lighting in Healthcare Facilities


Essential Financial Skills for Architects, Designers, Engineers and Contractors Details

  NYC: Hospital & Medical Facilities Summit

    Heart Conference Center

  Design, Construction, Operation, Financial, and Real Estate Solutions that
Improve Performance, Save Money, and Avoid Unnecessary Risks Details

Reinventing the Healthcare Delivery Model

  Tackling the Design, Facilities, and Financial Issues in the Shift from Inpatient to Outpatient Care Details and Locations
  Green Lease Revolution






  Acquire Knowledge You Can Put To Work Today - Lively, Interactive, and Ideal for Getting all Your Questions Answered  Details and Locations




--Commissioning: Double-Edged Sword is Becoming Code Requirement Details

--LEAN: What a Medical Center Learned On Its Journey (AIA and GBCI credits) Details

   --Part 1: It’s The Money! Integrated Sustainable Design for Core and Shell Projects  

   --Part 2: It’s the Money! Interior Fit Out (AIA and GBCI credits)


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